Petr Novák z Jaroměře

I was born and grew up in Jaroměř in eastern Bohemia under the influence of Baroque sculpture by B. M. Braun.

From the beginning of my life I was interested in nature, at ten I wanted to be a sailor and he was richly illustrating his logs. At thirteen I wanted to be a painter and a sculptor in fourteen. I graduated from the Secondary Industrial School of Stone in Hořice podkrkonoší and then from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the sculpture special of Professor Stanislav Hanzik.

Before that, however, I had a 14-day trip to Rome and Florence with a boyfriend, and visited sculptor Giacomo Manzú in Ardey, where he had a large collection of statues he gave to the state.


I became a passionate fan of Italy and an admirer of the Italian Renaissance and modern art. At the time of the Communist dictatorship, there was little hope that I would look again in Italy. Still, I studied Italian and Italian art at the Cultural Center of the Italian State in Prague. My sculptural opinion was confirmed in the sense of classical values ​​under the influence of the local Baroque, the legacy of Rodin and the strong relationship to the Renaissance. After the coup in 1989, I went to Italy in the following decade every year to study deeper and renaissance deeper.

I do not make this subject as a genre, but in the sense of deeper spiritual knowledge of the world. Life is for me a miracle of divine balance. (For example, if there was no Moon that balances the slope of the Earth's axis, life would not be possible on the planet). Balance is a good thing for me, a condition of life. Loss of balance brings illness, madness and death. All masterpieces of art stand on the equilibrium achieved, every honestly conceived art strives for it. Music and riding include this balance, treats and express it.

Petr Novák, from