Industrial lamp IDEA

Design industrial lamp made of steel water pipes and cast iron fittings. Hand patinated.
Cena s DPH
3 220,-
Cena bez DPH
3 220,- Kč
Skladem pouze 2 ks

The 20x24x31cm lamp is connected to the network with a 2m long gray textile cabbage. The switch is built into the old garden tap - RECYCLING :-) The light will go up to 25,000 hours through an LED spotlight with a light beam of 120 degrees. The light that the lamp emits is pleasant to read.

On the lamp I give a lifetime warranty, a carefully processed product made of high quality materials.

Each piece is original.

Size: 20x24x32 cm
Material: cast iron
Author: Tomáš Mrkvica - Idea Face
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